January 31, 2006

Polly gets it right shock

You won't hear this often from a blogger, for once Polly is talking sense about the horrific Religous Hatred Bill
In this inquisition of a bill, religion will become a minefield, a no-go area in the world of ideas. Before you speak or write, ask yourself not only if you intend to abuse and insult, but if you are "reckless" about any insult that may unwittingly be caused to someone somewhere? Expect the degree of insult people feel to tighten a little more each year under case law. It is already happening under employment law with certain kinds of harassment: if someone says they feel harassed, then lawyers warn no other evidence is required.
Thought crime in other words. So it is hard for any thinking person to be for this particular bill, even Christian fanatics of the Evangelical Alliance are against it which says something.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Evangelical Alliance 'fanatics'? Have a look at their web site. www.eauk.org. These guys are the thinking ones.

12:50 pm  

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